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Some Insight Into What Makes Nic Tic!


My name is Michael Nicoletti but my friends call me Nic. I've just reached my mid 40's but told I look and seem mid 30's (No one believes my real age) yet I am much more mature and level headed than anyone I know close to my own age, but still have that little kid inside me who gets out every chance he gets! I grew up in Chicago and have been here on the Gulf Beaches and downtown ST Pete Florida since April of 1997 and love it!

My step father got me interested in photography and he bought me an old Kodak Pony camera when I was a kid after seeing some shots I took with his camera. I primarily shot black and white and developed my own film and burned my prints myself in a darkroom. That was when I was between 13 and 15 but then a full time job as well as school took over and I stopped. I really miss those days!

In Mar of 2005 I got back into Photography after all those years away from it and am currently a professional glamour Photographer that has been published on the cover of a book, centerfold of a magazine as well as other published magazine and ad print.

I have a small studio set up in downtown St Petersburg FL utilizing seamless paper backdrops, professional Alien Bee strobe lighting with large softboxes, umbrellas, reflectors, etc. as well as remote lighting for location shooting such as here downtown and on the Gulf beaches into sunset.

I love traveling and exploring new things I think the Mayan ruins in Mexico are next. I love going to the beach and watching the sunsets, boating sailing, fishing, camping, etc. I also enjoy movies, museums, theme parks, billiards, bowling, etc, etc, etc, (lol) I'm an awesome cook also. I'm Italian and German with a little English and a tiny bit of Irish thrown in and "can I maka` da sauce"! Mahwah! :) Do you like Shrimp De Joungue` ? I'll knock your socks off! (lol) :)

Well I guess that pretty much sums me up! If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Or for a link to my personal profile.  

I hope to see you in my view finder soon! J

 Nic J


The images depicted within this site are raw and not edited or manipulated  except for maybe to crop or resize at times, minus the Artistic category.



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